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The Tutoring Plan Built to Conquer 



Gain the confidence to ace exams and unlock your full potential in the fascinating world of science with our expert guidance.



Tailoring instruction to match each student's unique learning style and pace fosters a deeper understanding of the subject. With continuous support and personalized feedback, students gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed academically and thrive in their chemistry studies.



Learning in small groups encourages active participation, fosters a supportive and engaging environment, and promotes collaboration among peers. In this setting, students receive more individualized attention, gain diverse perspectives, and develop essential communication and teamwork skills, enhancing their overall learning experience.



As a certified high school chemistry teacher with years of expertise in the classroom, I possess a deep understanding of the curriculum and challenges students may encounter. My proven track record in guiding students to excel in chemistry equips me with the skills and knowledge to provide exceptional and impactful tutoring.


"I never enjoyed chemistry and always thought it was hard, but then I had classes with Mrs. Fung and everything got better! She isn't only the best teacher, but also the sweetest lady ever!"

Aisha P., Former Student


Meet Our Certified Teacher

Deborah Fung


As the driving force behind our tutoring success, Deborah Fung brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of high school chemistry education. With seven years of experience as a certified high school chemistry teacher, she possesses a true passion for guiding students on their academic journey.

From empowering students to excel in chemistry to fostering a supportive learning environment, Deborah is committed to tailoring instruction to suit each student's unique needs and learning style. With a proven track record of helping students achieve academic excellence, she is the trusted mentor students need to thrive in their chemistry studies.

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  • How do you help students?
    At Ace Your Chemistry, we are dedicated to helping students excel in high school chemistry. We strive to reinforce classroom content, strengthen foundational knowledge, and provide personalized attention that caters to the students needs. We also enrich the learning journey by providing supplementary resources like practice problems and videos. Students benefit from improved confidence, active participation, and the cultivation of positive attitudes towards chemistry -- all of which are necessary for academic success.
  • How does this approach compare to private tutoring?
    Our small group tutoring approach boasts numerous advantages over private tutoring. It cultivates a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to interact, discuss, and learn from one another. This dynamic setting not only boosts motivation, but also provides valuable peer support and exposure to diverse learning styles. Emphasizing a sense of community among students, our approach fosters a friendly spirit of competition that enhances the overall learning journey.
  • What curriculum are you following?
    Our curriculum aligns with the core topics taught in high school chemistry classes; however, we also tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of our students, providing personalized attention and supplementary resources to enhance their learning experience. For more information, check out our Curriculum.
  • How often are sessions held?
    Our online tutoring sessions last one hour and occur twice a week, while students also have the opportunity for an extra Saturday session dedicated to free homework help and additional support.
  • Will you give my child homework?
    We do not assign homework to students. Instead, we offer optional extra practice problems, providing additional support to those who choose to take advantage of them.

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"I would personally like to thank Mrs. Fung for being a VERY, VERY patient teacher and for working hard to help us understand her lessons even if time is running short. I would also like to thank her for making the teaching environment nice and welcoming. Due to her sheer accomplishments as a teacher, I can proudly say that I excelled in chemistry!"

Zachary J.

"Mrs. Fung really cared for us and made sure we all ended with high grades. Most teachers don’t do everything she does for their students, and we appreciate and love her for it! She's become not only my favorite teacher, but also a friend to me. She did the impossible and made me love chemistry."

Meredith L.

"I want to thank Mrs. Fung for sharing her invaluable wisdom with us. She makes chemistry fun, and helps us smile through the hard parts. She builds our futures, she sparks our interests, and she makes us think."

Synthia M.

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