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Read about how Ace Your Chemistry is helping students across the country find success.

"Mrs. Fung, you're my favorite teacher ever! You are so funny and you make the class fun. Thank you Ms. Fung!"

Chase R.

"I would personally like to thank Mrs. Fung for being a VERY, VERY patient teacher and for working hard to help us understand her lessons even if time is running short. I would also like to thank her for making the teaching environment nice and welcoming. Due to her sheer accomplishments as a teacher, I can say that I excelled in chemistry. Again, thank you!"

Zachary J.

"Mrs.  Fung is always so patient with me in chemistry. She always stays very positive and never stops believing in us.  I want to thank her for creating such a safe and positive environment."

Cecilia M.

"I thank God every day for giving me the best chemistry teacher ever. Mrs. Fung is so kind, intelligent, and has a good heart. It has been my pleasure to be her student. She's a SPECIAL PERSON with a GREAT BIG HEART, and an incredible knack for making people feel grateful. Especially people like me. THANK YOU AGAIN!"

Elijah C.

"I love coming to her class, it's always so fun!" 

Lucy B.

"Mrs. Fung cared deeply for us and made sure we all ended with high grades. Most teachers don’t do everything she does for their students, and we appreciate and love her for it! She's my favorite teacher and a dear friend to me. She's done the impossible and made me love chemistry."

Meredith L.

"I am thankful for Mrs. Fung because she puts up with my craziness and my energy. I really liked working in groups in her class. I chose her class because it is super interesting and fun."

Bryan W.

"Mrs. Fung makes it known that we can always come to her if we need to and I am extremely thankful for that. She's an awesome teacher and just a wonderful person all around. We love you!!!"

Meredith B.

"I never enjoyed chemistry and I've always though it was hard, but then I had classes with Mrs. Fung and everything got better! She isn't only best teacher, but also the sweetest lady ever!"

Aisha P.

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