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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you help students?
    At Ace Your Chemistry, we are dedicated to helping students excel in high school chemistry. We strive to reinforce classroom content, strengthen foundational knowledge, and provide personalized attention that caters to the students needs. We also enrich the learning journey by providing supplementary resources like practice problems and videos. Students benefit from improved confidence, active participation, and the cultivation of positive attitudes towards chemistry -- all of which are necessary for academic success.
  • How does this approach compare to private tutoring?
    Our small group tutoring approach boasts numerous advantages over private tutoring. It cultivates a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to interact, discuss, and learn from one another. This dynamic setting not only boosts motivation, but also provides valuable peer support and exposure to diverse learning styles. Emphasizing a sense of community among students, our approach fosters a friendly spirit of competition that enhances the overall learning journey.
  • What curriculum are you following?
    Our curriculum aligns with the core topics taught in high school chemistry classes; however, we also tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of our students, providing personalized attention and supplementary resources to enhance their learning experience. For more information, check out our Curriculum.
  • How often are sessions held?
    Our online tutoring sessions last one hour and occur twice a week, while students also have the opportunity for an extra Saturday session dedicated to free homework help and additional support.
  • Will you give my child homework?
    We do not assign homework to students. Instead, we offer optional extra practice problems, providing additional support to those who choose to take advantage of them.

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